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Student Senate

Student Senate Presidents

You can view a full listing of the Student Senate Presidents here. The list extends from when it was founded in 1906 to present.

The History of the Student Senate of Alfred University
and its correlation with national issues

The full text of "The History of the Student Senate of Alfred University", by Michael J. Pellicciotti, is available as a PDF.


The Student Senate has been the student government of Alfred University for 94 years. In this thesis, I will show through a historical record of Student Senate how national issues correlate with Senate's structure and its issues. The Senate has changed much over the last century, but so has society. Different eras of the past Century have affected the Student Senate and the culture of the student body.

This report will begin with the founding of Senate in May 1906 and will continue with its navigation through the Century. It will review the impact of the World Wars on Alfred and on Senate's leadership. The thesis also examines the Civil Rights movements on campus and the protests during the 1960s and 1970s. It specifically assesses administrative and faculty power through Senate's history and the impact this had in shaping Senate issues.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Foundations of Senate (1896-1906)

III. The Beginning of Student Senate (1906-1917)

IV. World War I and its impact to Campus (1917-1920)

V. The Roaring 20s (1920-1930)

VI. The Depression and Big Government Spending (1930-1940)

VII. The War Years (1940-1945)

VIII. After the War (1945-1953)

IX. The 1950s, Civil Rights, and an Interest in Politics (1953-1963)

X. "The Calm Before the Storm" (1963-1968)

XI. Protests, Vietnam and Student Rights (1968-1970)

XII. Student Assembly and Open Forum (1970-1976)

XIII. Reorganization, Apathy, and Communication (1976-1987)

XIV. More Student Activities and Leadership Training (1987-1990)

XV. Diversity and Quality of Life Issues (1990-2000)

XVI. Conclusion

"The History of the Student Senate of Alfred University" was written as an honors thesis by Michael J. Pellicciotti, Class of 2000.