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Campus Rules, 1922-1923

  1. All Freshmen are required to wear either a green cap with a short visor and a large gold button or a green toque with a short tassel through the period covering the first two terms of the College year, and for all Collegiate Track Meets and the InterScholastic Track Meet. These caps are to be worn conspicuously upon the head every day in the week including half-holidays, the exceptions being from sundown Friday night until Monday morning, vacations, and when the student is out of town. Freshmen girls may discard their caps for special evening entertainments with the permission of the Student Senate.
  2. Freshmen are prohibited from wearing prep school emblems and monograms of any athletic association except that of Alfred.
  3. Freshmen are prohibited from smoking in public, and all University students from smoking on the campus, as herein defined: that portion of land within the following boundaries: Kanakadea Creek, Pine Street extended, the fence above the Steinheim and pumping house, and a line which will be a continuation of Ford St., to meet the other boundaries. In addition to this shall be included the Park, Library Square, the Tennis Court and the Athletic Field. At the beginning of each school year a map of the campus shall be posted in some public place.
  4. All Freshmen shall report for duty when called upon by upperclassmen in authority; to assist in all duties pertaining to college activities, such as social functions, Fiat Lux, work on Athletic field, Tennis courts, etc.
  5. None but Seniors shall carry canes.
  6. Freshmen shall be required to hold open the chapel doors every morning until the student body shall have passed out. The student body shall pass out according to classes in the following order: Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen, Specials.
  7. All Freshmen shall show due respect to University Faculty members and Seniors in such ways as touching the caps, giving preference in entering and leaving buildings, on the Tennis Courts, etc. They shall also, when walking in company with an upperclassmen, carry any books or parcels of said upperclassmen.
  8. Freshmen must carry matches for upperclassmen.
  9. Freshmen must learn the Alma Mater by November 1.
  10. Freshmen must attend all Varsity games held at Alfred, except as excused by the Student Senate.
  11. Freshman shall not wear white trousers.
  12. All Freshmen shall keep off the grass on the campus west of Kanakadea.
photo: freshman class of 1922
Freshmen, 1922