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Abram F. Burt

1838 - 1908

photo of Abram Burt

At age 25, Abram F. Burt (1838-1908) was enrolled at Alfred University for three terms, beginning March 1864 through December 1865. His hometown in 1864 was Sugar Hill, NY and the following year it was Auburn, CA. While at the University, he was the recording secretary for the Orophilian men's lyceum. The University Archives owns two of his diaries which not only chronicle his time at the institution during 1864 and 1865, but they also comment on events connected with the Civil War. He went to California in 1855 in search of gold and returned in 1863 thinking he'd find gold in the hills of Steuben County. His two brothers lived in California and were successful merchants. Abram ended up settling in Savona, NY and married Mary Kenyon in 1866. Abram was a successful farmer, a salesman for the Savona Cheese Factory, a school trustee, and part owner of a local mill. He was a founding member of the Savona Grange and was a well-respected member of the community. He and his family are buried in the Savona cemetery and their family home is still standing on East Lamoka Avenue.

Diaries written by Abram: